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    Thu Apr 16 09:36:19 2015
    robby started the conversation Bath vs shower? what do you use more?.

    Hi girls, at the moment I am moving into new flat in which I will not have a bath. And it's a disaster for me, bcs I like to lay in bath with soap bubles and take a relax after hard day. I don't but I always prefer bath that just shower. What about your prefererances? Do you use more often shower or bath?[attachment:552f828f9f10f]

  2. Wed Apr 15 13:11:10 2015

    I'm going to meeet with friends who I haven't seen for a long time:) I don't what we will do, but maybe go somewhere to sit and chat

  3. 5 years ago
    Thu Apr 2 07:51:22 2015

    I agree that keeping spark is very omportant in relation.;)

  4. Wed Apr 1 13:48:52 2015

    @Lucy66 I am often in stressful situations and it's quite hard to avoid it.. I hope that next month I will live more quite...

    the main thing is not to give up for stress. I know it's not easy but for me help self confidence and power of mind

  5. Tue Mar 31 09:45:34 2015
    robby posted in What you should know at 18?.

    i think expect less always better than expect a lot. It's a part of hapiness.

  6. Fri Mar 27 14:03:44 2015
    robby started the conversation Bridal inspiration by sisiyemme.

    My one great friend will get marriage soon and she still don't know what hairstyle to choose for her BIG day. I found a nice video in which I saw a nice and easy make bridal hairstyle. It's so nice and elegant, what's your opinion?

  7. Fri Mar 27 13:57:42 2015
    robby started the conversation Mongolian curly hair! .

    What do you think about this curly hair style?

  8. Fri Mar 27 13:53:31 2015
    robby started the conversation How do you spend your free time with your boo?.

    I like spending time with my boo. He is so clever and funny man, so we spend our weekends or holidays together. However sometimes we don't know how to make our time more interesting that we don't do all time the same things. have you some ideas?

  9. Fri Mar 27 13:48:15 2015
    robby started the conversation The High Heels & Thong Workout By Maheeda.

    Did you see that funny workout with Maheeda?:D

  10. Fri Mar 27 13:43:35 2015
    robby started the conversation YAM PORRIDGE RECIPE - VIDEO!.

    Back in 2012 I uploaded this recipe for yam porridge HERE and I did get requests to do a video for it. Since I am updating my blog with video recipes because nothing has changed with the recipe, I decided to add Asaro (Yam porridge) to the list. Clap for me! Oh something changed: I used Knorr then but for this I used Maggi :D
    I eat yam once in a while, maybe once in 3 weeks, but Bobo loves it. I should make it more when he's around....hmmm #WifeGoals. However, anytime I make Yam porridge I use ripe plantain- it makes the sauce extra sweet (I hear some people add sugar). I also don't use palm oil, it basically almost follows the process of jollof rice. Very simple!

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