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  1. 5 years ago
    Tue Jun 2 12:57:39 2015

    yea, the dress is extravagant thats because it doesnt looking good

  2. Fri May 29 10:26:32 2015

    why do we judge other people? If she wants to be with him, she will be without your suggestions... and she will do how she think is better. but of course, if boyfriends doesnt respect you, you should talk with him and say what do you think about his behaviour

  3. Fri May 29 09:50:04 2015
    assy lame posted in Have you had a really bad friend?.

    no, I hadn bad friends, all ma friends are good to me and I believe them and they help me always when I need their help and support

  4. Fri May 29 09:19:49 2015

    I lyk long nails, it is very nice but for these nails needs many caring...

  5. Fri May 22 12:56:16 2015
    assy lame posted in None of my shoes really fit me!.

    it perfect solution:)
    iI always think that dresses are more important than shoes

  6. Wed May 20 11:44:00 2015
    assy lame posted in Can you swim?.

    what did learn you to swim?

  7. Wed May 20 11:33:35 2015

    nice, really, but it shows much of nudity, I dont like it.. but for some ladies it really looks good

  8. Fri May 8 13:52:56 2015
    assy lame posted in Inspiration of day.

    yea, what nice words beautyzo!:) I like them its really true

  9. Fri May 8 13:52:11 2015
    assy lame posted in Can you swim?.

    I cant actually, I can but very little, so I can say that I am not able to swim:)

  10. Fri May 8 12:51:29 2015

    I dont like Rihanna's songs at all. And her appearance is not good.

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