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    Tue Sep 15 08:24:32 2015

    In my opinion Damilola is very handsome man, Funmilayo is really elegant girl but maybe too skinny

  2. Tue Sep 15 08:20:22 2015

    What do you think about winner?

  3. Tue Sep 15 08:09:38 2015
    supergirl started the conversation Daily hair routine. What do you use for hair?.

    Hello lovelies, I would like to know about your daily hair care? Do you use smth special for your hair that it would be extrelly nice all day long? Expensive cosmetics, special prcedures before going somewhere or etc..?

    I don't spend a lot of money on my hair bcs they are not so long and strong from childhood, so I don't believe that expensive shampoo or hair spray can make a miracle.

  4. Tue Sep 15 08:03:36 2015
    supergirl started the conversation The main makeup mistakes.

    Hey guys, I just find a one great video in which you can see the main mistakes of makeup. Please don't hesitate and share your makeup failure stories here. What have been you doing wrong until you changed your makeup habits?

  5. Mon Jul 13 13:37:31 2015
    supergirl started the conversation Why do women love handbags so much?.

    Hey ladies, I know that some girls are crazy of bags. They have a lot of and buy news without limit. What is your favourite bag?

  6. Mon Jul 13 13:29:16 2015
    supergirl started the conversation how to make your hair less greasy.

    1. Wash Less Often
    I know, I know. This sounds totally counterintuitive. But if the scalp is constantly being stripped of oils, the more forcefully it tries to replace those oils. This makes hair greasier in the shorter term than necessary. So if you’re washing your hair everyday, try to take it down to every other day. If you’re already doing that, try washing every three-four days.
    Also try to use a clarifying shampoo once every so often to make sure there is no buildup in your hair that is weighing it down. Just don’t use one too often as it can strip too much oil, sending production into overdrive.
    2. Only Condition The Ends
    Applying conditioner all over can totally weigh hair down, causing oily roots. Instead, just apply conditioner from mid-shaft to ends.

    3. Use Dry Shampoo
    An obvious one, yes, but dry shampoo will not only suck up oil from your roots making your hair appear less greasy in the moment, but it will also allow you to spend more time between washes which will make your hair less greasy in the long run too.

    4. Balance Your Brushing
    Not brushing enough keeps natural oils from being distributed, and they just build up on the scalp. Over-brushing, on the other hand, can stimulate oil production. So just make sure to find a healthy balance for your hair.

    5. Choose Your Products Wisely
    Make sure you don’t use too many mousses and gels that can cause buildup. Also try to avoid products that make hair “shiny” as these can make oily-prone hair just look greasier. If you can, just cut out styling products altogether.

    6. That means with your hands or your face. Because your fingertips and face both produce oil that can easily be transferred to your hair, avoid playing with it or using styles that allow too much to touch your face.


  7. Fri Jun 26 08:40:11 2015
    supergirl posted in The most fav your desert! .

    I lyk sweets, but at the moment I eat haansbro cream crackers. It's sooooooo delicious!

  8. Fri Jun 26 08:39:32 2015
    supergirl posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    Less make-up and your skin will be nicier

  9. Fri Jun 26 08:39:11 2015
    supergirl posted in Ways to look natural beautiful.

    I think that natural beauty is one most important thing whic should be treasured by every girl

  10. Fri Jun 12 12:42:06 2015
    supergirl started the conversation 7 skin care tips for the night.

    Hi girls, I found very useful tips for the night:
    1. After a long and taxing day, you need eight hours of sleep to help your body rejuvenate completely. It is also the best time for your beauty regime to work wonders. So make the most of it and give your skin and beauty all the attention they need. Here is what you should do as part of a regular night care regime for your beauty.

    2. Showering is ideal to keep yourself hydrated before heading to bed. If you can, bathe with cold water, as it increases blood circulation and cleanses the toxins from your body.

    3. This is very crucial for your beauty regime. No one prefers waking up with tired looking eyes, due to dark circles and puffiness. Place an extra pillow under your head and sleep on your back, this will ensure fluids do not get accumulated and hence reduce puffy eyes. Massage the area under the eyes with some eye cream that has caffeine in it, or use a face massage cream instead.

    4. Sleep also helps restore your hair’s health. Sleep on a pillow covered with a silk or satin pillowcase, as this prevents damage to the hair protecting it from turning rough or frizzy. Wash your hair, do so at night; as you will not have to use heated appliances to dry your hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner to make your hair shiny and smooth for the next day.

    5. Don’t be in haste while cleaning, cutting and filing your nails at night. Wipe of any chipped off nail paint. Apply some petroleum jelly, hand cream or cuticle cream to keep your nails soft and healthy. Simply dip your nails in some olive oil for 2-3 minutes to nourish them well.

    6. Your skin needs to breathe and relax at this time. Apply a night cream or a moisturiser and massage it over your hands and legs. Wash your face with a deep cleanser and remove the make-up thoroughly from your face before you go to bed. You could use your preferred cleansing milk, apart from a make-up remover or if you have, some baby shampoo too.

    7. Oil the tips of your hair at night as they tend to be relatively dry. You could use any oil be it coconut, mineral or olive. This oiling regime is a good way to maintain and keep moisture in place for better hair.


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