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    Tue Feb 3 13:42:09 2015

    something of simplicity and something of extravagance... I like it.

  2. Tue Feb 3 13:40:58 2015
    sheshe posted in Hair or Skin.

    absolutely, and hair, and skin, we are women so these things are important to us, and not just hair and skin, there are many other parts of our body which should be in the center of our attention

  3. Tue Feb 3 13:39:13 2015
    sheshe posted in What is your fav movie?.

    Yea, I saw this comedy, but I didnt like it, and what about Noah it was perfect film to me. Darren Arronofsky is the producer of this film and I like all films of Darren

  4. Tue Jan 27 12:01:57 2015
    sheshe posted in Dry lips.

    Yea, its true that if our lips are dry so you need some vitamins...Really helps honney, some oils, for example honey, I will try this reccomendation from kunkuliuke

  5. Thu Jan 15 10:46:26 2015

    The most attractive to me is of course my own religion, christianity. But I know that there in the world there are many other interesting religions, as Islam or Hinduism.

  6. Thu Jan 15 10:44:15 2015
    sheshe posted in Best Looks from movies!.

    yes, all examples look great. But I am in doubts if I have in my bathroom such good cosmetics, because without proffesional cosmetics you will not be a able to creat perfect make up. But I think I will try to do something new and to experiment...

  7. Thu Jan 15 10:39:48 2015
    sheshe posted in How to look good in selfies.

    it is important to have good dressing and quite good make up, but don't need to overplay. And also I think it is relevant how is written here to have natural look.. And furthermore when you take selfie photo you have to know that you are really beautiful woman...

  8. Thu Jan 15 10:35:22 2015
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