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    Wed Sep 9 07:25:53 2015

    there are so many talked about love, but just these people who really loves know what it is love without any artificial signs

  2. Tue Aug 25 13:02:46 2015
    nivy posted in how do you dress at work?.

    simply I work simple job so I wear tshirts and jeans

  3. Mon Aug 24 11:48:49 2015

    they already are the top in street fashion, but I dont like them at all

  4. Wed Aug 12 11:09:13 2015

    it should be bt in our societyu unfortunately it isnt so its not gud at all

  5. Tue Aug 11 12:00:16 2015

    if u hv a good taste of wearing then u dunt need a designer

  6. Mon Aug 10 08:29:09 2015
    nivy posted in Inspiration of day.

    One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.

  7. Thu Aug 6 09:48:49 2015

    not necessary, somtms people change and they change their behaviour and they become better than they were yesterday, I believe strongly in it.

  8. Wed Aug 5 11:58:13 2015

    mee too I havnt time to sleep more

  9. Wed Aug 5 11:39:42 2015
    nivy posted in Is it true?.

    yea, I think it is true, girls like bad boys, bt i dont know why

  10. Tue Aug 4 10:36:26 2015

    yea, I am beautiful althhough I dont use any make up

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