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    cat and dog

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    kunkuliuke started the conversation Unity Dolls gives lift to education.

    In line with its vision to acculturate children, unite Nigerians and deliver social change within our communities and country, Unity Girl dolls, Nigeria’s first theme dolls, a product of Auldon Limited, have overhauled a dilapidated school in Ikorodu, the first in a long line of CSR initiatives which will cut across the six geopolitical zones of the country.
    After years of inattention, Lagos, Salvation Army Nursery and Primary School, sited at Agunfoye in Ikorodu was in a decrepit state for years with ramshackle classrooms, leaky roofs and flaky wall paints.

    The Auldon Limited, known for its commitment to education and youth empowerment, through its Unity Dolls initiative singled out the school not only to give it a facelift, but also to contribute its quota to the quality of education that pupils will enjoy on its grounds.
    While speaking to journalists on the sidelines during the schools reopening, Paul Orajiaka, Chief Executive Officer Auldon Limited, said "Our next project would now be in the north; from there we'll move to the other geopolitical zones of the country," he disclosed. "All the process demands is that we notify the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) about the idea and then we'll get the go-ahead to proceed."

    Unity dolls is very passionate about its promise of supporting the growth of education through social works and that is why a portion of the sales proceeds on each doll is set aside to actualize this cause. Without a doubt, investing in the future of the Nigerian Child is key to ensuring a better society and by extension greater Nigeria for the good of all.
    “According to Orajiaka, Unity Dolls decided to embark on this initiative which is highly essential to developing our children with the needed skill that will see them excel, through the provision of a conducive environment for learning knowing fully well that the nation’s destiny undoubtedly lies in their hands”.

    In driving the project, Auldon Limited turned to unconventional sources which saw the company also employ the services of Muri Olaniyi, 31 and other street urchins without professional construction skills, in a bid to keep them gainfully engaged: "Most street urchins have skills, but probably don't have the opportunity to use these skills because they are branded as touts. But if you draw them close, you'll discover they are actually very wonderful human beings. Muri and his colleagues made this project a reality alongside a team of other professionals who worked on the project."
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    kunkuliuke started the conversation Mercy Johnson stuns in new photos.

    Actress Mercy Johnson stuns in new photos

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    kunkuliuke started the conversation Davido and new girlfriend new loved up photos.

    Davido and new girlfriend goof around in new loved up photos

  5. Fri Mar 6 13:11:32 2015

    Diamonds and a baby! Lucky woman! IK Ogbonna's fiancee, Sonia, who is expecting a child with the actor/model flaunted her engagement ring in a video she shared on her instagram page.

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    CEO of MUD Cosmetics Nigeria and daughter of billionaire businessman, Chief Izu Onwugbenu, the Chairman of Louis Carter group, Onyinye Carter shows off another glimpse of her engagement ring while holding her man's hand


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    with milk and suggar

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    kunkuliuke started the conversation Omawumi shows off baby bump in photo.

    The singer Omawumi pictured above glowing as she prepares for an interview...

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    kunkuliuke started the conversation Ali Baba shares beautiful photo of himself and his wife.

    Comedian Ali Baba shared this beautiful photo of himself and his wife on instagram.

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    In an interview with Al-Jazeera TV which aired yesterday, President Jonathan said that he'll not lose the upcoming Presidential election. He also said the increase in the activities of Boko Haram in Nigeria is not as a result of his mishandling of the group and that Boko Haram did not start with him. Speaking about Jega, the president said he's never had any discussions with anyone to remove him. He affirmed that the elections will not be postponed again.
    "I will not loose the elections" President Jonathan said when asked if he was scared of loosing the elections.

    When asked what he makes of the insinuations in some quarters that the sudden step-up of military operations in the fight against Boko Haram was because he is scared he might lose the elections on the grounds of insecurity, he said;
    "Its out of ignorance. In a political environment, if one party, particularly the ruling party is going to the left, they(opposition) would have to go to the right. They must find something. They must have something to tell the people"
    Asked whether the elections will be postponed again, President Jonathan said

    "I don't think so. I believe the elections will be conducted as scheduled by INEC, that is National elections on the 28th of this month. I don't see why we should postpone again because I am quite impressed with the successes going on in the north. There is a misundestanding about the postponement. In 2011 we conducted elections in Nigeria, we had Boko Haram. The fact is that within this period, somehow the level of Boko Haram within this period was quite serious and from all indications and from the signals the security agencies got, people are trying to use them disrupt the elections. In 2011 there was no such signals and if you disrupt the elections in a number of states especially for the presidential elections, it will affect declaration of results. So the security services don't want to take any chances. They did not tell Nigerians that they must route Boko Haram 100% before the elections could be conducted but they want to degrade Boko Haram to the extent that they would no longer have the kind of strength that they would come out and disrupt the elections. That is the key thing. In terms of taking over our territories, yes we will take over all our territories and very soon there will be no part of Nigeria where they will erect a flag and say this is a Boko Haram territory. That we will do but what I am saying is that even if you do that, that does not mean you are inolated from terror attack. but gradually with improvement in terms of technology and monitoring we will able to bring it down. When we take over all the territories they are holding, they are becoming weaker, now we will improve our monitoring using superior technologies to monitor their activities, then we will begin to pick them and then of course frustrate their activities. So over the period, it will go. We cannot live with terror. No we can't. We would stop it"

    On whether he mishandled the seriousness and strength of the group, he said
    "No it is not a question of mishandling. Boko Haram didn't start with me"
    On allegations leveled against him by APC Senators that he plans to sack Chairman of INEC Prof Attahiru Jega, he said;
    “Except somebody is insinuating that the Chairman has done something wrong. You cannot change an officer, except the person has done something wrong. Government, whether at the federal or state level, president or governor, does not wake up and change somebody, especially somebody like the INEC Chairman, except that person has done something wrong. INEC is a very sensitive body. For me to change INEC Chairman, Nigerians and non-Nigerians will ask questions. So, you cannot wake up and change INEC Chairman. I have never discussed with any person on earth about changing INEC Chairman”


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