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    Thu Jul 2 11:00:25 2015

    but actually I didnt see many these crops at streets

  2. Tue Jun 30 13:02:34 2015
    tweetysela posted in What do you hide in you handbag?.

    there always is lipstick and pencil

  3. Mon Jun 29 12:08:32 2015

    it is similar to common street fashion, but it is not bad, every of us have our own taste of fashiion, and it is good.

  4. Fri Jun 19 12:30:35 2015
    tweetysela posted in RED LIPS: nice or vulgar?.

    of course it is nice without doubt, red color is the only color absolutely created especially for woman.

  5. Fri Jun 19 12:23:23 2015
    tweetysela posted in Matte Nail Polish.

    I use black color matte nail polish so it is really not bad and perfect alternative to ordinary nail polishes

  6. Fri Jun 12 11:38:01 2015
    tweetysela posted in None of my shoes really fit me!.

    wow, so I believe you dont have never such a problem like not to have shoes to wear:)

  7. Thu Jun 11 13:26:52 2015

    rihanna, I dont like her songs and she is not my ideal singer at all

  8. Wed Jun 10 11:42:46 2015
    tweetysela posted in Ombre hair.

    I dont like ombre hair, I prefer straight hair, not long, but for some girls ombre hair really suit perfectly

  9. Fri May 29 08:47:29 2015

    I go to church on sundays, its tradition, but actually I am in doubts if it helps to me...

  10. Thu May 28 13:01:43 2015
    tweetysela posted in Inspiration of day.

    "Hugging closes the door to hate. Kissing opens the door to love."

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