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  1. 4 years ago
    Tue Aug 25 10:44:04 2015

    if I dont need to go anywhere I try in mornings to prepare delicious and healthy breakfast

  2. Mon Aug 17 10:22:25 2015

    good, I dont have many shoes so I find them when I need to go somwhe

  3. Wed Aug 12 11:15:02 2015

    yea, bt fashionable clothes are important much if u want to be beautiful and fashionable

  4. 5 years ago
    Tue Aug 11 12:23:34 2015

    of coz it is positive factor, it was all times and it will be in the future

  5. Tue Aug 11 12:18:45 2015

    if u hv fashionable clothes you can be fashionable too

  6. Mon Aug 10 08:26:47 2015
    mudra posted in The best celebrity.

    the best nigerian actrees for me is Belinda Effah

  7. Fri Aug 7 13:06:47 2015

    I bought one in the bazaar yesterday, it looks good

  8. Thu Aug 6 10:02:30 2015
    mudra posted in Ombre hair.

    I think it is for quite long time, maybe even for a half of year, so it is good. I still dream about these hair.

  9. Wed Aug 5 12:01:33 2015

    to go to the dentist, it is the bigest my fear and I cant reduse it in any ways.

  10. Wed Aug 5 11:43:58 2015

    I dont go to them I dont have any problems related with my health

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