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    Fri Mar 20 14:12:17 2015

    Yes, sometimes to get a good job requires a lot of efforts

  2. Wed Mar 18 13:45:59 2015
    Rocky posted in Your hobbies.

    I love swimming and playing chess

  3. Wed Mar 18 13:45:12 2015

    Girls as girls, but make up does a miracles:D

  4. Wed Mar 18 13:44:26 2015

    Yes, I also woudl like to know about buying toys on internet? is it safe?

  5. Fri Mar 13 14:00:41 2015
    Rocky posted in Family and Home.

    Men lyk to have free time at home. they think that only women must to take care home bcs it's their first duty-to grow children and take care home. I don't agree with with position! All family members have the same duty to help in house cleaning, food preparation and in others home works fields.

  6. Fri Mar 13 13:51:27 2015

    Of coz all contracts have a risk in real estate field.

  7. Tue Mar 10 13:32:23 2015
    Rocky posted in Recipe of the Day.

    @lovesong Well, for example I was tasting this sause with potatos and ham, so it was really really cool.

    I also lyk potatos with ham and tomatos

  8. Tue Mar 10 13:30:11 2015

    nice dress

  9. Fri Mar 6 12:29:50 2015
    Rocky posted in Maxi dresses!.

    Sometimes I prefer shorts than max skirts or dresses

  10. Thu Mar 5 15:13:13 2015
    Rocky posted in Do you like coffee?.

    There is no day, without coffee

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