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    Tue Feb 17 11:03:27 2015
    Kendra started the conversation What good movies are showing?.

    I want to go see a movie this weekend, and i could use some movie reviews :D
    Have you seen any movies recently? Were they good?

  2. Tue Feb 17 11:02:13 2015
    Kendra started the conversation Japanese word for the day.

    Onegaishimasu: This word is a little hard to translate literally, and its use is mostly based on context, but it is basically a very polite way of saying "Please"

  3. Tue Feb 17 10:57:00 2015
    Kendra started the conversation Riding Shotgun or Backseat?.

    Please, ladies, i have a question: How would you react if your boyfriend/fiancee comes to pick you up, and his female friend is in the front seat and doesn't move to the back when you approach the car?

  4. Tue Feb 17 10:47:11 2015
    Kendra started the conversation Homemade Conditioner.

    As promised, i am going to show you how to make a homemade conditioner as a follow-up to the homemade shampoo post i shared here a few days ago.

    You'll need two things

    1 Tbsp ACV (apple cider vinegar) - I suggest always using the raw kind that has “with the mother” on the bottle.
    1 cup water – Use whatever kind of water you wish

    I suggest combining ingredients in a clean repurposed squirt bottle for your conditioner. Double up on ingredients until you fill your bottle – the recipe above makes 8 ounces.
    Simply shake the bottle before each use and gently massage into the hair and scalp for a minute or two and rinse. After drying, your hair will not smell like vinegar. Trust me.

    This conditioner is the best option for use after a homemade shampoo. The ACV in this conditioner smoothens the hair cuticle and balances the pH of your scalp and hair. This conditioner is safe for all hair types and gently conditions without coating your hair and scalp with waxy chemical. You can add a few drops of rosemary or lavender to give it that rich scent.

    Try it out and share the results. Enjoy!

  5. Tue Feb 17 10:38:59 2015
    Kendra started the conversation Fab Ankara Outfits.

    Just some outfits i would LOVE to make if i can get the material for it

  6. Tue Feb 17 10:28:34 2015

    @chera nodi Well, i think there is a balance between not using anything at all and over-processing your hair by using too many chemicals. I use natural coconut, castor, and jojoba oils both for deep conditioning and to lock in moisture

  7. Tue Feb 17 10:24:53 2015
    Kendra posted in Chris Brown sad photo.

    I would rather be sad on a Lamborghini parked in front of MY house, than in a keke rushing to beat lagos traffic at 6am #JustSaying :D

  8. Tue Feb 17 10:22:44 2015
    Kendra posted in making money easily at home.

    The site is most likely a scam


  9. Fri Feb 13 10:34:07 2015
    Kendra started the conversation Last minute buy for Val's day.

    Does anybody know where a really good gift shop in Lagos? I just found that the gift i ordered for my boo won't be delivered in time for my big surprise :(

  10. Fri Feb 13 10:32:20 2015
    Kendra started the conversation What is appropriate to wear to an office hangout?.

    So my colleagues and i are supposed to 'turn up' tonight as a new spin on Team Bonding my boss is trying. I'm torn between dressing in my usual friday night out glam, and dressing in a way that would be appropriate for work... I could use some advice. What would you wear on a night out with work folks?

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