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    Fri Feb 6 13:08:49 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation How to curb your cravings.

    Always find yourself reaching for the snack stand or a bar of candy? Research shows that eating a high-protein breakfast reduces your cravings for sweet and savory foods later in the day. This is because not only does protein make you feel full, the study also found that protein boosts your levels of dopamine, giving you that "mmm, that was good" feeling that you would otherwise get from a yummy chocolate cake :D.

  2. Fri Feb 6 12:58:27 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Case of the Ex.

    I need some advice. My boyfriend's just reconnected with his ex and she wants to be friends, which he seems okay with. I am very uncomfortable with it, but he says they were friends before they even dated so there's no reason they can't be friends now. I am honestly not at ease with this new "friendship", but i also don't want to put my relationship at risk by fighting about it repeatedly. Please what do you think i should do? This is a real cause for concern for me. Am i overreacting?

  3. Fri Feb 6 12:47:37 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Bronzers and Black Girls.

    Personally, i think bronzers were created to add some colour to pale skin, giving it sort of a tanned look. But these days, i see people of all skin colour wearing bronzer and i personally think it's kinda pointless, but i could be wrong. What do you guys think? Should dark-skinned girls wear a bronzer?

  4. Fri Feb 6 12:43:31 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Selena Gomez struggles with boyfriend's surname.

    Selena Gomez can't pronounce her boyfriend's surname.

    The 'Come and Get It' hitmaker finds her beau Zedd's real name Anton Zaslavski a bit of a mouthful and took to her Instagram account on Wednesday (04.02.15) to post a hilarious video of herself and a friend attempting to say the tongue-twisting moniker.

    In the clip, which has now been deleted from the photo-sharing site, Selena exclaims,''V! There's a 'v' in it [Zedd's surname].''

    However, the 22-year-old singer isn't letting the minor details affect her budding new romance and is said to be on ''cloud nine'' with her new love interest, with whom she was spotted holding hands at a Golden Globes after-party in Hollywood last month.

    A source said recently: ''Selena is on cloud nine. She's never been happier and definitely has Zedd to thank for that. She's absolutely smitten with him.-image-

  5. Fri Feb 6 11:48:46 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Is Red the new Black?.

    Usually, at events and functions, you see a lot of ladies in black dresses of all shapes and forms. But these days, i see more red dresses than black, and i have to wonder: Is red taking over from black? Are we expected to have LRD now?

  6. Wed Feb 4 14:49:53 2015

    Actually, the Egg treatment doesn't work well for everyone. Some hair textures do not respond well to protein. Like Sidiga said, what's most important is understanding what your hair needs.

  7. Wed Feb 4 14:46:25 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Online Undergrad Courses.

    Please, does anyone know of reputable online undergraduate courses one can take...?

  8. Wed Feb 4 14:43:26 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Shea butter: good or bad?.

    Someone just recommended shea butter to me as a health alternative to body lotions... I'm a little skeptical... Shea butter looks really heavy, and i don't know if that amount of oil on my skin won't be counterproductive. Does anyone have experience with this?

  9. Wed Feb 4 14:40:09 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation No Carbs Month.

    So, i am trying to stay off carbs all February, but it's only the 4th and I'm already running out of ideas :(. Can anybody recommend some protein-based recipes?

  10. Wed Feb 4 14:37:24 2015
    S Samantha started the conversation Epic lazy day.

    I have been under a lot of stress lately, and i would like to spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing. But i don't know where to start :D. Suggestions, please...

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