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    Wed Mar 4 12:14:13 2015
    terene milky posted in Do you like coffee?.

    acorn coffee...?Is it expensive?

  2. Tue Jan 27 13:13:01 2015

    yea, Islam is exotic religion, really, these people have strong feeling of faith. i know one their religious holiday Joma and this holiday is every friday, its very important for them

  3. Mon Jan 19 14:06:26 2015
    terene milky posted in Desmond Elliot shares family photo.

    I see that this family is very happy, they are smiling lovely.! So cute.

  4. Mon Jan 19 14:04:37 2015
    terene milky posted in Fast food in your life.

    Me too. I like hamburgers also, very much. But I know that this food is not healthy for our body. so now it is 5 months since I haven't eaten this food and I am prud of myself!

  5. Mon Jan 19 13:53:36 2015
    terene milky posted in What makes you happy?.

    Delicious food absolutely:)

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