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    Wed Jun 10 07:14:42 2015
    supergirl started the conversation My TOP 3 must-haves for this summer! .

    Red lipstick, nice bikini and comfortable sandals. What are your?:)

  2. Fri May 29 09:45:26 2015
    supergirl posted in Ombre hair.

    oh, that's so nice, but I have never had and will never have such long hair...

  3. Fri May 29 09:44:42 2015
    supergirl posted in The best celebrity.

    yes, she is lovely.. I like omotola jalade.She is elegant and has wonderlfu family. I'm jeallous in white of her cutie children

  4. Thu Apr 30 11:17:16 2015

    Fruits fruits fruits!

  5. Thu Apr 30 11:15:39 2015
    supergirl posted in RED LIPS: nice or vulgar?.

    pink is the best!

  6. Thu Apr 30 10:45:57 2015
    supergirl started the conversation Good worker and good wife. Is it possible?.

    I am a nurse and my work is quite hard because of long working hours. It's hard to come back home at 5 a.m. from hospital and always prepare tasty breakfast for my husband. We have a lot of stress of our discusions... He claims that I should leave my work and stay at home, take care home and plan children.. But I want to realize myself. I love my work and don't want to change into anything.
    Day after day I am starting to think that being good worker and wife isn't possible..

  7. Thu Apr 30 10:39:04 2015

    of course I would!

  8. Thu Apr 30 09:19:22 2015
    supergirl started the conversation How should I talk with stubborn kids?.

    Hello, my sister with her husband went to another city for some days. Their children are living with me and my husband. I love them a lot but they are so crazy and sometimes we don't know what to tell them and how react into their behaviour. For example I try a lot to be a good aunt and prepare tasty dinner, bake sweet cakes for them but their don't eat.. They even don't want to try it! I understand that they are kids and can be selected but it makes me dissapointed. What should I do?

  9. Fri Apr 17 12:51:13 2015

    Well guys, when you are together 2-3 years is great, but when you are in relationship more than 5 years, you need to put efforts

  10. Fri Apr 17 12:46:31 2015
    supergirl posted in Pets in your house.

    i would like to have a cat, I think any animal can give a lot of hapinnes for his owner

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