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  1. 4 years ago
    Thu May 28 12:59:57 2015
    tweetysela posted in What is your fav dessert?.

    ma most favrt dessert is chocolate cake with ananasas it is special when its done by grandmother

  2. Tue May 26 12:51:06 2015
    tweetysela posted in Greasy hair... What to do?.

    but it is not enough to have normal hair...

  3. Tue May 26 12:44:31 2015
    tweetysela posted in Greasy hair... What to do?.

    me too have these greasy hair... I have tried many methods, but till today nthg helped...

  4. Mon May 11 11:30:25 2015
    tweetysela posted in None of my shoes really fit me!.

    I try to find suitable shoes, although sometimes it is really very difficult. But even if I cant find nice shoes I go where I planned anyway

  5. Fri May 8 11:47:29 2015
    tweetysela posted in TV, radio or mobile?.

    Tv I think, I like my favorite films, so I choose TV

  6. Fri May 8 11:39:12 2015

    I havent fears, I really dont understand how it is possible to be afraid of dark??

  7. Thu May 7 12:01:48 2015
    tweetysela posted in Bridal inspiration by sisiyemme.

    I think this bride looks quite nice, not too much make up, nice dress, all ok

  8. Wed May 6 12:31:58 2015
    tweetysela posted in Ways to love yourself.

    to wake up every morning, to look at mirror and to think that this day is just one you look how you look, it s a gift:)

  9. Thu Apr 30 10:55:57 2015
    tweetysela posted in What you should know at 18?.

    we just cant know everything

  10. Thu Apr 30 10:40:52 2015

    well, its difficult question really, I have the same problem... I tried many ways to change their behaviour, but uncessufully at all...

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